Blog: Preparing for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

“Is BeOne Development ready for the GDPR? No, not completely, but we are working hard to prepare ourselves. It is still more than a year before May 25 2018, but we do realize that a year often goes by faster than you would think.”

Author's imageAnouk VermeerenE-learning Developer & Project Manager - BeOne Development

Map data processing

One step we already took to prepare ourselves for the GDPR, is mapping all data processing within our organization. Much of our clients use our hosting services for various e-learning training programs. This means that user profiles and progress reports are being imported and exported from and to our Learning Management System (LMS). Access to this data is only possible on a need-to-know base, linked to role-based access. In other words: a specific project manager of BeOne Development is responsible for the execution of these processes. Only this project manager has access to the personal data, its co-workers do not. In addition, the data is always saved and sent encrypted. In the unlikely case an unauthorized person receives the data, it is still not accessible. That is how we prevent data breaches.

In the aforementioned situation, we are providing hosting as a managed service. Our project manager relieves the client from any additional work and processes all personal data. Some of our clients however, prefer managing the users and their digital learning solutions in the LMS themselves. This is also possible, with our Hosting+Admin option you will receive the administrator rights. The same applies to our BePhished Phishing Simulation Tool. The tool is also available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, giving you full control over sending simulated phishing emails within your organization. We will contractually determine what rights the administrators receive, so it is clear beforehand which person has access to what data. Again, access to data is only possible on a need-to-know base, linked to role-based access.

Increasing GDPR awareness

Encrypting and protecting personal data is not all you have to do when preparing for the GDPR. It is also of great importance your employees know when they are dealing with personal data, and how they should handle it with care. Security Awareness Training is a very effective method to help you achieve this. We have developed a new, interactive e-learning module that will prepare your employees for the upcoming GDPR in just 15 to 20 minutes. Not only have we made this training program available for all our Security Awareness Library clients, we follow the training program ourselves as well. To get an impression of what the training looks like, please see the screenshots below:

Need some help preparing for the GDPR?

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