Anti-phishing campaign: combine phishing simulation with awareness training

An effective anti-phishing campaign demonstrably enhances your organization’s resilience to phishing attacks. Simulated phishing emails will expose weak spots within your organization. But, phishing simulation alone will not lead to a positive change in behavior. To achieve that, phishing simulation results need to be carefully analyzed to drive focused learning moments. And, to demonstrate the return on your training investment, subsequent simulations enable you to measure the phishing resilience you have achieved. This article describes how to deliver effective anti-phishing campaigns in your organization.

Take full control or leave it to us: choose how to start your anti-phishing campaign

The BePhished Phishing Simulation solution is available in two forms:

  • As a managed service, you leave the work to us and benefit from BeOne Development’s expert-knowledge of running smooth phishing awareness campaigns.
  • Our self-managed SaaS (Software as a Service) solution puts you in control, while we take care of the IT hassle. Using our templates or your own, this enables you to prepare, send and analyze simulated phishing emails and text messages to challenge the resilience of your organization at any time.

In both solution forms, the phishing messages, (optional) data entry forms, landing pages and domain names used in the simulation can be customized. Your own imagination is the limit!

Once simulated phishing e-mails or text messages have been sent, your employees’ responses can be monitored using the real-time dashboard that comes with BePhished. Here, you can pinpoint the most vulnerable user groups, identify vulnerability level trends, take additional security measures or target new training initiatives. The screenshots below show what the dashboard looks like:

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Follow up with targeted phishing awareness training

The first learning moment is automatic: after employees click on a link in the phishing message and after submitting sensitive information (if a data entry form is used in the simulation), they are led to the landing page where immediate constructive feedback is given. For example, our short Security Flash videos fit right in to explain good practice on the landing page.

The immediate feedback on the landing page is a first step in improving phishing awareness. However, people tend to forget what they learn over time if the newly learned knowledge is not regularly refreshed. This is also known as Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve. That is why we have developed the Security Awareness Library. More than 30 different training topics and several digital learning formats are included, so training interventions can be provided on a regular basis. For improving phishing awareness, various training modules are available:


Find out how effective our anti-phishing approach is

By training your people, you can prepare your organization for real phishing-attacks. By combining phishing awareness training with simulated phishing tests, you will get a clear insight in the Return-on-Investment (ROI) of your anti-phishing campaign. Using baseline measurements and reassessments, you can identify the impact of enrolled awareness training initiatives.

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