Equalit uses awareness toolkit from BeOne Development

//Equalit uses awareness toolkit from BeOne Development

Equalit, an ICT partnership of 11 Dutch municipalities, aims to bring information security to the attention. Employees play an important role in this. For this reason, Equalit has entered into a partnership with BeOne Development: the CISOs of the participating municipalities are supported by BeOne Development with an extensive awareness toolkit.

Increasing security awareness within one organization could already be a challenge. Equalit takes it a step further, by setting themselves the goal of increasing security awareness among 2500 employees with various functions spread over 11 municipalities. Equalit has called in the help of BeOne Development for this. BeOne Development is an expert in raising awareness and achieving behavioral change in the field of information security.

Behavioral change requires diversity, continuity, repetition, recognizability and measurability. That is why each CISO should have an awareness toolkit at its disposal. This way you have a variety of possibilities to increase the awareness of the employees. These possibilities, in professional jargon also known as awareness tooling, can be used to support a security awareness campaign, but also to respond to current events ad hoc.

To provide its CISOs with an up-to-date awareness toolkit, Equalit has chosen BeOne Development. The biggest challenge is to meet the wishes of 11 different municipalities. This was an important reason for Equalit to go for BeOne Development’s awareness tooling: the CISOs have access to an extensive training package that can be tailored to their specific needs and target groups.

The delivered training solutions consist of various (communication) resources such as posters, accompanying e-mails, e-learning, video material and a phishing simulation platform. This way year-round attention can be paid to information security.

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