BeOne Development receives Excellence in Cyber Security Education Services Award

BeOne Development has been announced the winner of the ‘Excellence in Cyber Security Education Services’ at the Technology Awards 2017/18.

After noticing a growing demand for more immersive training experiences, we have expanded our portfolio of digital learning solutions considerably. Over the past 12 months, various new innovative cyber security education solutions were launched. Judging by the won award, this has not gone unnoticed. During the awards process over 100,000 corporate professionals, the public and Corporate Livewire’s subscriber base where invited to nominate associations, companies and individuals. Corporate Livewire’s independent judging panel have decided upon the most deserving teams, companies and individuals to walk away with one of the prestigious awards. We are very honored that Corporate Livewire recognizes our efforts to be the leading cyber security education provider. Our newly introduced solutions include:

  • Next level VR learning

    The latest addition to our cyber security education toolkit, the security awareness VR Game, takes security education to a next level. Instead of sitting back, employees are taken to a virtual world in which they are in the lead for solving security issues. You will learn how to act risk-aware in a fun and interactive way.

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  • Phishing-as-a-service

    Last year the BePhished phishing simulation platform became available as a self-managed platform. Companies that have subscribed to the SaaS solution, now make unlimited use of the platform for testing their organization’s phishing resilience, without having to deal with any IT hassle.

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  • Cyber security app

    Early this year the beta version of BeOne Development’s new mobile learning application Swyber was launched. This app can be used to frequently provide short learning experiences, making employees continually aware of cyber risks. It enables companies to integrate cyber security education into everyday work.

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Read the awards guide The password is tech2018

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