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BeOne Development is a young and dynamic organization that is passionate about developing and delivering innovative digital learning solutions. We help you to ensure a risk and quality-aware culture by providing on-the-fly training solutions for safety, security and compliance. We strive to change the behavior of your employees to become increasingly sensitive to risks, to be aware of internal quality standards and to act accordingly.

Our fields of expertise:

  • Information Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Compliance

  • Business Continuity Management

  • Legal aspects

  • Intellectual Property Protection

  • Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHE&Q)

  • Function specific training

Our product portfolio:

  • E-learning introduction programs

  • Onboarding programs

  • Awareness videos

  • Mobile learning

  • Simulation tools

  • Microlearning

  • In-depth e-learning programs

  • Blended learning solutions

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