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Increase employee security awareness

Everything must be in place from a technical perspective. But it’s only when your employees are aware of digital risks and the importance of securely handling data that your organization is truly resilient.

Every organization handles confidential and sensitive information. This information must not fall into the wrong hands, as this can lead to financial loss, damage to an organization’s image and even to dangerous situations.

  • Latest technologies: with digital learning pathways and gamified programs, we create experiences that achieve structural behavioral change.

  • Convenience: quick start with an off-the-shelf program or enjoy an all-round solution with a customized program, including rollout and supporting communication.

  • Maximum effect: clear goals, fast feedback and the active role of the user contribute to a new way of working.

  • Measurable results: our measuring instruments offer you immediate insight into the effect of your campaign.

  • Including the latest security risks: a choice of more than 30 current topics in various forms.

More than 70% of security incidents are caused by human actions.

We offer various security awareness programs that improve your employees’ cyber skills and help them to better recognize and resist current cyber threats.

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Choose the security awareness training that suits your organization

Our security awareness training courses are available in various forms

Create your own program by combining different forms

Why BeOne security awareness training?

A pioneer in digital learning courses and gamified awareness programs.

BeOne’s awareness tools help you make a demonstrable change in behavior.

In order to achieve maximum effect, we develop awareness programs together with our clients.

We ensure our programs are recognizable and create employee engagement by basing them on situations that are close to real life.

If you want a comprehensive solution, then a tailor-made security awareness program is for you. Our specialists will also take care of the rollout and support you with communication campaigns. If you want to make a speedy start, go for an off-the-shelf program.

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