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At BeOne Development, we understand that daily working activities are the main priority in every organization. Therefore, training has to be short and to-the-point. Besides, you learn the most while doing your job. That is why we integrate learning into daily working activities as much as possible. By providing digital learning solutions in various formats and in many languages, just in time and on the device you prefer to use, we make sure the awareness, attitude and ability of your people are constantly enhanced. Request access to our demonstration programs to get a good impression of our digital learning portfolio.

Digital Learning Solutions - BeOne Development

BeOne Development’s digital learning solutions are available on various devices.

Various digital learning solutions available

Our security awareness training material is available in various formats. Our portfolio consists of e-learning in the form of introduction programs, in-depth training and microlearning, short security awareness videos, and our BePhished phishing simulation tool. Three levels of customization are available:


Our BePhished phishing simulation tool helps organizations to prepare their employees for real phishing attacks. By combining phishing simulation with our phishing awareness training solutions, you can offer an holistic training approach that will make your employees more resilient against phishing.

Bephished Phishing Simulation Tool

The BePhished Dashboard puts you in control, without the IT hassle.

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