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Phishing is an actual threat for many organizations

Phishing criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated, and losing confidential information can be just a click away. Do you expect that your organization might fall victim to a phishing scam? To help you better prepare for actual phishing attacks, we have developed the BePhished phishing simulation tool.

BePhished phishing simulation tool

The BePhished phishing simulation tool allows you to send out simulated phishing emails. It is offered as a SaaS solution, giving you the possibility to easily set up a fully customized phishing campaign. Anything that you like can be customized, such as email templates, landing pages and domain names. The only limitation is your own imagination. Would you rather have an experienced Project Manager of BeOne Development do everything for you instead? No problem, BePhished is also available as a ‘managed service’.

Customize everything to your liking

  • The BePhished phishing simulation tool allows you to create very realistic emails. A SpamAssassin-score between 80% and 100% is achievable.

  • You can use our existing templates or create your own email for the phishing simulation.

  • The landing page can be equipped with a video showing good practice, which provides positive feedback.

  • There is no limitation on the amount of recipients and you can choose to use any domain name you prefer.

Your own dedicated server for maximum security

  • Every BePhished client uses its own dedicated server, making it nearly impossible for anyone else to access your information and in addition, eliminating slow response time. A 100 % performance is guaranteed.

  • All personal data will remain on this server, there are no cloud services used.

  • Next to the regular tests that BeOne Development conducts, you have the ability to install your own firewalls and server security applications.

Easy to use

  • An email or text message can be created and sent within minutes.

  • Easily send out test-emails and add additional languages yourself.

  • The live counter will clearly display how many people clicked.

  • The dashboard is responsive and is accessible from any device.

Combine simulation and training

Find out more

Would you like more information or a demo of the phishing simulation tool?

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