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Turn security awareness training into a 360º experience

We believe in the power of play when it comes to activating people. That’s why we use game mechanics to help you educate your employees about security awareness. When doing things in a playful way we have an active attitude and learn faster.

Our VR game allows your people to engage with information security in a whole new way. This immersive learning experience establishes motivation and fun. Boosting a positive attitude towards information security.

This is how it works

The BeOne VR game is available as an app for both Android and iOS phones. Once you have the app ready, you just chuck your phone into 3D glasses and you’re ready to go.
As players set off they find themselves in a virtual office. While exploring the office they encounter all kinds of security risks. It’s up to them to prevent security incidents from happening!
During the game players are accompanied by a host who explains the game objectives and who gives direction and tips. Your employees will discover they’re key when it comes to protecting valuable company information

Why choose the BeOne security awareness VR game?

  • game mechanics activate and motivate people by triggering their core drives.

  • people learn faster when doing things in a playful way.

  • our VR game helps your employees retain knowledge longer and decreases the number of errors.

  • clear objectives, short feedback loops and actually doing will add to new routines.

  • our VR game is easily customized to your company needs.

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