Security Awareness Training

Our security awareness training is delivered in various digital formats, such as e-learning, awareness videos and simulation tools. Deployment of a single training exercise will only increase security awareness for a short-term. That is why we have developed the Security Awareness Library. By your subscribing to this full library, all our security awareness topics will be readily available for your organization. At the moment, 28 topics are included.

We all prefer learning material in our mother tongue. So, our security awareness training can be delivered in whatever languages you need. We help our multinational clients by rolling out new campaigns in various languages. Cultural differences are taken into account, since training can only be effective when used examples are recognized by employees from their own daily jobs.

Two ways to subscribe to our security awareness solutions

  • Single Training

    • Content is regularly kept up to date
    • Access to selected programs
  • Full Library

    • Content is regularly kept up to date
    • Access to all currently available programs
    • Access to all new developed programs during your license period

Customization Options

  • Warehouse

    Pre-packaged programs with a generic, white-label branding. These programs are readily available and delivered without any alterations. Either subscribe to a license for a specific program selection, or make use of the ever-expanding Security Awareness Library. As a library subscriber, you will also automatically receive access to all new programs that will be included.

  • Factory

    Factory solutions are comparable with Warehouse solutions, but with your organization-specific look and feel. We deliver the learning content with your organization’s own logo, background photos, colors and fonts. Just as for our Warehouse solutions, as a full library subscriber you will also automatically receive access to all newly added programs during your license period.

  • Lab

    Tailor-made security awareness products we develop in close consultation with our clients. In addition to including your corporate look and feel, we can customize the storyline and navigation, use your preferred terminology and add custom videos and images. If desired, we even shoot new footage on your location. You name it and we can customize it.

Available topics

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