Security Awareness Videos

Security awareness videos make employees continuously aware of risks

In the security awareness and training market, we see a growing demand for quick and to the point learning material. By deploying our one to two minute security awareness videos, employees do not have to invest a lot of time in training. Because of the short duration, the videos can be offered regularly. This way, you can make sure employees are continuously made aware of risks, while in the long term positive behavioral change is achieved.

  • Positive and short

    Training no longer distracts from daily working activities

    Security awareness videos can be integrated in daily work. Instead of focusing on fear, uncertainty and doubt, a positive approach is used.

    Because of the high frequency and short duration, employees are continuously prompted to think about their behavior. As a result, risk awareness rises progressively and risk-aware behavior is stimulated.

  • Short and positive approach

  • Three action points

    All too often the core message of an awareness program is not successfully conveyed

    Our security awareness videos emphasize three main points for employees to act on. These action points are drawn to the attention using advanced typography, which increases the effectiveness of the video.

    Explanations are given by means of short animations. At the end, all points of action are summarized and repeated in a final overview. By being concise, the core message is better remembered and more effective in influencing behavior.

  • Three key points in every video

  • Multi-functional

    Our security awareness videos can be used in various ways

    Play the video on screens in your office, the company cafeteria or, for example, in the elevator. This way, people in your organization get continuously reminded what they should keep in mind and how to act in certain situations.

    The videos can also be included in e-learning. This way you are able to include additional content and you can measure if and when your employees have watched the video.

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