Swyber Cyber Security App

  • Swyber Cyber Security App

  • With 19 years of experience in developing and implementing security awareness training programs, our vision on learning is one of continuous education. A single training will not lead to behavioral change. Only by frequently providing security awareness training activities, you can make sure everyone knows what the right way of handling is in certain situations. With the Swyber Cyber Security App, you can mobilize and continually improve the security awareness of your people.

Here’s how it works

Simply select, create and modify content in the admin panel on your desktop browser and publish it in the Swyber Cyber Security App so it becomes available on your end-users’ smartphones:

    1. Before
    2. After

Why use the Swyber Cyber Security App?

  • Baseline measurements

    Get a quick insight into the current state of security awareness within your organization.

  • Short learning experiences

    Frequently provide short learning nuggets such as microlearnings or Security Flash videos.

  • Respond to current events

    Use the admin dashboard to quickly create, modify and roll out training content.

  • Integrate work and learning

    Integrate cyber security awareness training into everyday working activities.

More information or demo access

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