New learning campaigns start with imparting basic knowledge through formal training. Before we start with continuous on-the-job learning, the basics are taught through an introduction or onboarding program. E-learning is particularly suitable for this, since employees are able to follow the training at the location and time of their choice. Subsequently, short e-learning modules covering more in-depth topics can be used for continuous education. For regular repetition, microlearning material is perfectly suited. Next to readily available of the shelf programs, tailor-made e-learning solutions are also possible.

Various e-learning formats

  • Introduction program

    One size does not fit all. Our e-learning introduction programs focus on employees from various departments, showing good practices for work situations your employees recognize from their day-to-day working routine. An introduction program of 20 to 30 minutes is the perfect start for your organization’s awareness campaign. Employees are challenged to actively think about the covered key principles.

  • In-depth e-learning

    In-depth e-learning modules are used to provide additional training to specific target groups that require more detailed instruction on a particular subject. Each in-depth module contains a general introduction, eye catching film clips, interactive training content, self-tests and a conclusion, providing a comprehensive and well-structured e-learning program of about 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Microlearning

    Through regular repetition you can make sure newly acquired knowledge sticks in the long-term memory. Microlearning material is ideally suited for this: short refresher modules of 1 to 5 minutes that reposition the learning material taught earlier. Whenever or wherever relevant, a microlearning module teaches you how to safely deal with the situation you are in.

Features of our e-learning

    • 1. Multimedia-based learning

    To meet the needs of a new generation of web-savvy employees for short and entertaining e-learning experiences, the emphasis in our programs is on multimedia content. Instead of bothering employees with unappealing pieces of text, animated videos and simulations are used to clarify training topics in an attractive way. With interactive exercises and dilemma scenarios, participants are challenged to actively think of the topic.

    • 2. Modular design

    All our e-learning programs have a modular design. In this way, we can meet the full range of your organization’s training needs and help you to establish your own learning campaigns. Furthermore, we believe that one size does not fit all. Therefore we develop e-learning modules focusing on specific departments. By targeting employees with good practices showing work situations they can relate to, you maximize the effect of our training materials.

    • 3. Easy customization

    Our design allows for easy customization. We integrate your own company brand and look and feel in our training material. We can address the specific needs of many different target groups, whether based on activities or on levels of responsibilities: from general instructions for office workers and safety training for subcontractors, to more in-depth training needed for higher-level executives.

    • 4. Multilingual

    BeOne Development Group serves organizations all over the world, so we can provide training content in any language required. We have over 18 years of experience in rolling out e-learning campaigns in multiple languages. At this moment, over 40 languages are readily available but we can deliver material in any language required.

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