LMS Hosting

Be in control of your own Learning Management System

The LMS hosting Platform that puts you in the driver’s seat

You want to make sure your learning material is easily available and always accessible. Our LMS Hosting Platform has everything you need without the bells and whistles that would make it needlessly complex and expensive. You can manage, deliver, monitor and report on your organization’s learning development.

  • The BeOne platform enables you to manage users and generate detailed learner reports. The versatile reporting capabilities provide up-to-date insights into who has started, completed, passed or failed the courses and tests. Results can be shown per user and per group, segmented on various kinds of user characteristics.

    You decide when and how often reports are run. All kinds of information can be included, ranging from basic user demographics to detailed course tracking. A detailed learner profile, including characteristics such as job title, age and education can be related to learner results. This gives you a better understanding of the learners in your organization and allows you to make informed decisions about who needs additional training. Simply specify the criteria you want your output to match and your report will be generated.

  • LMS Hosting Platform BeOne Development

LMS hosting features

  • User administration

    • Add, remove and modify users
    • Configurable user profiles
    • Registration and course enrollment
      • Users can self-enroll into available courses
      • Administrators can manually enroll users into courses
      • Users can automatically be enrolled based on user profiles

    Reporting possibilities

    • Configure and run your own reports ranging from user demographics to detailed course tracking and performance reports
    • Generate certificates after your users successfully complete courses
  • Content management

    • Manage your own e-learning curricula
    • Batch upload users and their training history from other platforms
    • Optional third-party content

    Other features

    • You are in control of your own LMS hosting environment
    • Easy to use, multilingual user and administrator interfaces
    • Courses can be linked to social networks and surveys
    • Hosting platform located in the Netherlands

Tailor to your organization’s specific needs

  • Customized look & feel

    Just like our digital learning solutions, your hosting environment can be customized to your organization’s look and feel, including your own logo, fonts and colors. Your LMS is accessible via a URL dedicated to your organization. It is even possible to create your own banners, home pages, registration forms and more!

  • Third-party content

    You can offer your learners a complete digital learning experience in one place. Besides our digital learning solutions, you might have other e-learning content you would like to make available as well. No problem! It is possible to implement third-party learning content on the LMS hosting platform.

  • Available languages

    At the moment, the BeOne LMS Hosting Platform is readily available in English and Dutch. However, as we are used to deliver programs to multinational organizations across the world, any other language required can quickly be provided.

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