Turn security awareness training into a 360º experience

Getting started with the BeOne VR game

BeOne VR is a serious game in which you step into a virtual world. In a playful manner you will learn why information security is important. You will discover that as an employee, you are the key in protecting valuable company information.

Sitting back and relaxing is not possible with this type of security awareness training. After putting on your VR-glasses, you set off exploring a virtual office. You will encounter all kinds of security risks. It is up to you to prevent security incidents from happening!

This is how it works

The BeOne VR game is available as an app for both Android and iOS phones. Enable your sound, start the app and place your phone in a BeOne cardboard box or your own VR-glasses. That’s it, now you can step into the virtual world. It’s that simple!

During the VR game you will be accompanied by a host who explains the purpose of the game and gives directions and tips. The goal of the VR game is to spot all security related risks and solve dilemmas in the office. This way, you will learn how to act risk-aware.

What makes BeOne VR a unique experience?

1. Active role of the users: spot risks, answer questions and advance on your own pace. You are actively involved in information security.

2. Didactic by design: the storyboard is designed by educational experts in order to maximize the learning effect.

3. Modern look & feel: you will enter a recognizable, present-day VR office.

4. Innovative approach: unique training tool for raising security awareness.

5. Easily customized: corporate logos, colors and other recognizable elements can easily be incorporated (e.g. posters on the wall). Also the questions can be modified to your company needs.

6. Easy to start: A cardboard and a mobile phone are all you need.

Try the BeOne VR game

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