Continuous education in the context of everyday work

  • Turning today’s knowledge into tomorrow’s value. That is the aspiration of BeOne Development Group. To do so, we develop digital learning solutions that enable organizations to retain, share and enhance knowledge. Since people learn the most while doing their job, we integrate learning in their daily work. Using smart technology, our learning material is available anywhere, anytime and on any device.

    Six million end-users in more than 100 countries benefit from our learning solutions. Programs are delivered in various digital formats, including e-learning, awareness videos, mobile learning and simulation tools. Our clients are served with a customization level ranging from pre-packaged generic material, to adjustable content and design as well as fully tailor-made programs.

Fields of expertise

  • Safety

    Whatever the industry in which you work, at the end of the day you want everyone to go home safely. Our tailor-made safety training programs help you to increase safety awareness among employees and reduce the number of accidents.

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  • Security

    In order to prevent the loss of sensitive and personal data, you need to mobilize and continually improve the security awareness of your people. Our security awareness solutions help you turn your employees in the first line of defence.

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  • Compliance

    As an organization, you deal with all sorts of regulations. External rules such as laws and contracts, but also internal guidelines such as the code of conduct. We help your employees to be aware of applicable legislation and comply with these rules.

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BeOne Development in numbers

  • 243

    clients in more than 100 countries

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    different languages available

  • 6+mln

    end users that benefit from our programs

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